Career opportunities within Powerbars and Control cc are numerous and do not only span within the Engineering Arena. Powerbars strives to employ young innovative leaders that will render the right resources to further its already high standard of service delivery. Powerbars continually uphold its policy of delivering excellence and this is highly evident in Powerbar's employment procedures.

Powerbars and Control cc maintain extraordinary expectations and require a strong level of commitment and dedication from all employees. From this commitment Powerbars frequently invest in all employees, ensuring a healthy work/recreation relationship by having social events frequently. Having a deep understanding  that the key to Powerbars' success lies within all its employees, a competitive benefits program within an well-balanced environment is continually crafted to suite every employee's needs.


The Powerbars team setting up and calibrating a copper welding robotic arm

Prep done before welding of copper parts

Welding flame photo taken through a welding helmet


Within Powerbars's Human Resource's department a strict employee confidentiality policy is delivered. As a first-rate employer, Powerbars's understands that life doesn't begin and end with one's job; it is by this understanding that Powerbars offers counselling, and will always be open to provide the right benefits that will work for the employee, their family and benefits that should improve situations within an employee's life.

Personal and professional development is a constant focus within Powerbars and as a focal point Powerbars continually expands an excellent talent base, encouraging development as a continuous process. With this inclusive environment individual's differences are respected and celebrated, and employees can develop and grow personally and professionally through continuously learning.

Powerbars and Control is a majority black owned company and employs workforces as far as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At Powerbars and Control everyone has an equal opportunity, regardless of age, colour, nationality, physical or mental disability, gender identity and marital status.