Quality Assurance

Powerbars and Control cc is committed to quality and safety and thereby strive to implement the ISO 9001 and ISO 90014 standard.  These standards states that throughout the entire service delivery and manufacturing processes, a standardize practice of quality assurance is implemented.  Through data collection and analysis Powerbars continuously improve on the quality of service delivery and thereby implementing rigorous guidelines for furthering the standards of practice. 

There are two main focal points with regards to standards of practices:

  1. Structural standards (the organizational structures within which the services are rendered e.g. number of staff, policies, buildings and equipment).
  2. Process standards (actual rendering of service).

The quality assurance standards implemented by Powerbars and Control cc specifically aim to:

  1. Implement checks, and reviews the quality of the product used, and if this same quality standard is conducted during throughout the duration of the project, to assure that top standards are being implemented
  2. To establish that sufficient expertise is available to conduct the checks and reviews and thus by this increased effort to maintain quality, the result is improved estimates and reduces uncertainties.
  3. To use further stipulated QA/QC Good Practice Guidance outlines which reflects practicality, acceptability, cost-effectiveness, existing experience, transparency, consistency, comparability, completeness, confidence and the potential for application on an international basis.
  4. Finally (i) Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure data integrity, correctness, and completeness;
    (ii) Identify and address errors and omissions; (iii) Document and archive inventory material and record all QC activities.