Speciality Services (Transformer Oil Purification)

Transformer Oil Purification

Powerbars and Control cc also specialise in some of their industry specific processes and activities relative to servicing and maintaining transmission yard equipment and functionality.
One of the most integral being the purification and treatment of used transformer oil, thus refurbishment with the goal of reuse in sight.

The reason for implementing such a process is to control waste disposal and to make using transformer oil  financially sensible in the industry.
This process entails the used transformer oil to be purified from dissolved solids (TDS) and most importantly a build-up of moisture (H20) through a vacuum operated process.

The oil is transferred from the transformers to the Purifying machine, it flows through an inlet and is heated to a certain temperature for optimal moisture reduction.  As the process advances the heat is gradually lowered, as not to draw back any moisture (as a consequence of cooling off too fast) till the purification  is completed.  The process of recycle works at 2000 l per hour, through a 10µ and then a 5µ filter continuously. Depending on the pollution level/amount of oil, takes on average a week to be recycled.

Purification machine and its control panel.

Purified oil running into reservoir before recycling again.


Included in this Service Packet is. Supply and operation of Transformer Oil Purification Machine, drain and of oil, filling and constant observation by the team during the process. On completion of the process measurements will be taken to determine if oil needs to be added. The client will be quoted per litre of oil needed to be purified and also on the ppm (parts per million), prior to commencement of the process.


Powerbars and Control cc will go as far as the Congo to purify transformer oil, permitting all the documentation  and accommodation are in place.


For further information, costs and conditions regarding the re-commissioning of transformer oil service and systems details please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Izak Nel at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Transformers after oil purification has been done.