About Us

Powerbars and Control is a closed corporation and operates in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. This company is governed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Powerbars strives to stay abreast with the latest technology and industrial requirements to make sure that clients are met with a high standard of service delivery.

Powerbars serves clients both locally and internationally. The company's focal point is on broadening its horizons in all fields by not accepting any limitations. By providing products and services of exceptional quality, Powerbars continuously strive to excellence and to uphold the standards of superior diligent engineering.

In all aspects, Powerbars is deeply invested in the welfare off all individuals attached to Powerbars and Control. It is for this reason that Powerbars endeavour to form a desirable working place while instilling creativity and enthusiasm within a safe working environment.

Within all levels of the organization, Powerbars excels at being an exemplary learning organization that encourage and facilitate learning throughout the whole spectrum of disciplines. Individuals are met with the freedom to question, evaluate and disagree whilst still having the guidance to lead and facilitate all tasks to excellence.

Powerbars’ central work ethic lies in quality and reliability, in every aspect attention has to be paid to the finest details with no compromises. By ensuring quality and reliability Powerbars focuses on delivering integrated applications within a lifecycle environment, allowing systems and software engineering teams to be unified – from concept through to delivery and maintenance of complex, mission critical systems.



Powerbars and Control foresees development solutions that solve complex mission-critical engineering problems and enables companies, from basic engineering fields to telecommunications, to increase productivity, reduce risk and ensure success through improved communications and collaboration. Thereby Powerbars develop cost-effective solutions that cover unique present and future requirements and through diligent and strict quality control mechanisms, Powerbars surpass customer expectation with outstanding results and definitive specifications.

Powerbars and Control will provide professional engineering services that are appropriate, improved, innovative and affordable.