Our History

Before Powerbars

In 1981 Harvey Tonking & Associates (Pty) Ltd was founded by Mike Tonking.  Mr. Tonking, a prior Mining Manager for Palaborwa Mining Company Ltd, in 1984 decided to devote all his efforts to run Harvey Tonking & Associates (Pty) Ltd.  The main activity for Harvey Tonking was the representation and marketing of a diesel engine protection unit from Flight Systems Mintech Inc. The daily visits to the various mines in South Africa led to more representative rights for HTA, and soon Contact Engineering (Pty) Ltd and Semikron SA were added to the portfolio.

Mr. Tonking, as a mining engineer had little technical knowledge of this new line of equipment, but his tenacity to sell and to offer solutions to challenges in the mining sector, made him a household name amongst engineers.

Mr. Tonking routinely called upon Izak Nel, a young technician at a coal mine in the Middelburg area, who was responsible for both the Electrical and Instrumentation departments at Bank Colliery. In 1988, Mr. Tonking took  Mr. Nel in as a business apprentice and a very special relationship developed.

The Foundation of Powerbars and Control cc

Benefitting from Harvey Tonking & Associates (Pty) Ltd‘s expertise and global presence as a parent company, and the symbiotic co-operation of the union between Mr. Tonking’s leadership and Mr Izak Nel’s initiative and vision, Powerbars and Control cc was born.


Mr Nel, CEO of Powerbars and Control cc

Harvey Tonking and Ass. (Pty) was built on business ethics, and had a rock solid reputation to honour promises. When Mr. Tonking decided to retire from day to day marketing and the chores of running a very busy office, Ronel Nel, Mr. Nel’s wife bought all the shares, and managed the business while Mr. Nel took care of various projects for which HTA was now very renown for in the mining sector, the road’s agencies, and the water care works in and around Pretoria.

In April 2006, Mr. Nel fashioned the business towards being BEE certified which represents the true black participation in the company. Because the essence of the BEE act, is to empower the Historical Disadvantaged individuals, Mr. Nel made a proposition to his core co-workers,  Johannes Mabunda -an employee for longer than 18 years , Peter Sibanda - an employee for longer than 10 years and Sam Manganyi - an employee for longer than 4 years.

The first board meeting was held on the 17th of April 2006, in the kitchen of the HTA premises in Silverton, and a company was formed with the three black men as the majority shareholders, and Mr. Nel was accordingly appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. The company started with nothing and grew as the BEE Business in South Africa developed and matured. The shareholding was jointly decided to be: Johannes Mabunda 25%, Peter Sibanda 25%, Sam Manganyi 17% and Izak Nel 33%.

Powerbars and Control cc was officially founded by the current acting CEO, Izak Nel, in June 2006 consequently moving its base of operations/ corporate headquarters into new, larger workshop and offices building located at Asetileen Road in Silvertondale, Pretoria, South Africa.

Powerbars and Control cc was established as an electrical engineering firm specializing in new construction of-, repair of-, retrofitting of- and refurbishing of high voltage substations, switchyards, transmission lines, distribution networks and systems related to the latter. The company has been serving the Mining Sector (industrial facilities) and Municipalities (electrical utilities) for the last 24 years.

Powerbars and Control  cc

In just under five years, Powerbars and Control cc has enjoyed significant growth and success from the beginning, from the original 5 shareholders and employees, the Company has grown to almost 72 people (because of all the extra DRC temporary workers), with a current account of 30 employees (estimated to yet again rise above the former in 2011).  Most of our engineers have hands-on plant experience, and all our people have deep experience in their areas of expertise.

The company now provides a full range of electrical engineering and civil design services. Since its inception, Powerbars and Control cc has provided design and construction management/review services for approximately 40 municipal/public and private (Preliminary and Basic Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Preliminary/Conceptual Design, Cost Benefit Analyses, Energy Conservation Studies, Site Evaluations and Selections, Technology Evaluation/Selection, Permitting Studies, Optimization Studies and Facilities Planning  --of-- engineering consulting and management services for Transmission, Distribution, Industrial and Generation  ) projects.

Nothing can be achieved without people … and teams of people, working in concert are the lifeblood of a vibrant creative organization like Powerbars and Control cc

Our management leadership team is built on the talents and experience of seasoned industry professionals, all attend on achieving similar goals. We seek to release the talent of our people and inspire them to deliver innovative solutions to clients and, consequently, drive the business towards greater success.

Powerbars and Control cc, founded in 2006, provides engineering consulting and management services for Transmission, Distribution, Industrial and Generation clients. Experience coupled with diligent care characterizes our excellent services.

At Powerbars and Control cc, there are no geographical limitations to where our services can extend. We have worked on projects all across the South Africa as well as internationally.