Professional development

Powerbars and Control cc is closely associated with the development of the fledgling engineering generation, and specifically makes way for the young engineers’ development and exposure.  Powerbars appreciates that our success is from our community moreover it's important that we provide innovative paths to professional growth and development in the form of employee training, seminars, professional licensing, and tuition reimbursement opportunities.
As such Powerbars implemented a bursary program for select engineering pupils (which are currently flourishing at a maximum level). The contract of this bursary states that the student must work at Powerbars and Control cc when they are not obligated to attend university classes anymore, therefore usually during school holidays and the odd weekend.

College interns and grads

Powerbars knows that college interns and recent graduates have many decisions to make while plotting a career path, and provide a variety of opportunities for talented and motivated students, entry-level engineers, technicians and administrative professionals.
During December 2010 (while the workshop is still doing business) the students were given the opportunity to show their ‘stuff’ by having to re-design and build a Paste Pre-Heater for the current project of Rand Carbide’s Arc Furnace. Rand Carbide’s Engineers supplied hand-drawn guideline sketches of the pre-existing system after which each student was given a specific part to develop to the means of a more effective design which maximizes potential performance and space. At the end of this project when the system was put together, it had to comprise of the fan (pre-manufactured), a cold-sided box, heater box, and the outlet box.

The reason for the design, development and manufacture of this Paste Pre-Heater, is to heat Bitumen paste around the Arc Furnaces electrodes to make it malleable so that the furnace can be switched on to melt calcified coal. The air coming from the Paste Pre-Heater would flow over elements heated to about 150*C which would then blow over the Arc Pre-Heaters electrodes to heat the Bitumen paste.
Each student was given a specific task and in view of that the first student had to redesign the assembly support frame (figure 1) according to the other two student’s design and measurements of their elements. Taking into account the mounting spaces at the Rand Carbide mine, he also had to improve on their drawings, which all was done in Solid Works 3D design program.
The support frame and front ‘cone’ had to be specifically altered to fit the new elements’ shape and orientation.

Student two had to re-design and develop the heating elements’ shape and orientation for maximum efficiency in a limited allocated space.

The third student had to do a study on sheet metal, and design and manufacture a box (figure 4) that tapers from a square flange to a round flange, where the outflow pipe to the electrodes would attach to.
The projects goals
Because Powerbars and Control cc is a very creative and open-minded company, students and other employees alike are from an early stage given the opportunity to prove to the company and other investors (clients) what they are capable of.
By giving these students the task of redesign AND manufacture, Powerbars and Control cc strive to nurture independent, responsibility and cultivate the necessary development for a successful and well rounded engineer.